Business development for the maritime industry

Business development is driven by innovative ideas. We want to connect innovative maritime actors with each other, support them in fostering an innovative environment and raise awareness of new trends.
15 August 2022
Alexander Hey

Alexander Hey

Research Coordinator Business Development

Phone: +49 40 9999 698 - 83
E-Mail: Hey[at]

Whether we’re talking about digital platforms, autonomous ships, the need for CO2 reduction or the shortage of skilled workers – the maritime industry is undergoing change. New products, digital services and business areas strengthen companies, create more jobs and ensure a successful maritime industry.

Both maritime start-ups and established companies are entering the market with new products, digital services and technical innovations in order to meet market participants’ new needs as efficiently and sustainably as possible.

Companies that respond to those needs and integrate new products and services into their business processes can benefit sustainably and gain competitive advantages.

Our offer to the maritime industry in Germany 

The German Maritime Centre is helping to develop a maritime start-up landscape and supporting the networking of innovative companies. It wants to make current trends visible and draw attention to them by publishing studies. In this way, we want to strengthen the future viability of the industry and its individual companies. We:

  • Network maritime start-ups, venture capital funds, companies and institutions in Germany in order to strengthen the innovative capacity of the maritime sector.
  • Analyse and research new business ideas in the maritime industry
  • Provide information on current technologies and their potential by publishing studies on current trends (e.g. international analysis on use cases of autonomous maritime systems).Support information exchange through information events, workshops, working groups and network meetings

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