Around 50 guests from maritime companies, associations and authorities attended an online event to learn about how the competitiveness of the maritime industry can be improved through the use of websites, newsletters, social media, etc.

The conclusion of the potential analysis on the relevance of digital communication conducted by EurA AG on behalf of the German Maritime Centre (DMZ) is as follows: there is great potential for the maritime industry in using digital communication channels and media. Their intensive use can secure competitive advantages in both the national and international competitive environment of the maritime industry.

In a joint presentation, Dr Rainer Henking, Innovation Manager at EurA AG, and Hanna Maurer, Social Media Officer for the Maritime Industry at DMZ, outlined key findings of the potential analysis and the recommendations they had developed together. “We are aware of the reservations many small and medium-sized companies have about social media,” says Hanna Maurer, the project manager at DMZ. She says it is important to “dispel reservations about digital and social media”. Companies often cite factors such as effort, cost and a lack of know-how as obstacles. However, these are crucial factors, “because digital visibility and successful online communication are important for the competitiveness of the maritime industry,” adds Henking.

In her keynote speech, “Digital communication as a competitive factor”, Prof. Dr Caroline Durst, Professor of Digital Marketing at Ansbach University of Applied Sciences, explained why it is crucial for companies to be found online. “Nowadays, most people make their purchasing decisions based on digital research,” said the marketing expert. Therefore, companies need to position themselves as trustworthy business partners and provide the right answers online in the right format via the right platform. She explained what the process looks like from searching for information to making contact and ultimately making a purchase/contract conclusion, emphasising the central role played by digital channels in facilitating these steps. Targeted communication is a key advantage of digital marketing communication, which can have a growth-promoting effect.

Dennis Erhardt from Stengel GmbH demonstrates that search engine marketing and social media are indispensable tools for increasing reach when targeting specific audiences. In his best-practice presentation, the marketing manager of the family-owned company specialising in sheet metal design shared insights on how to successfully implement digital marketing with limited resources.

At the end of the event, Hanna Maurer emphasised that “Every maritime company is encouraged to engage in a dialogue via online channels tailored to their target group, both for their own benefit and for the future viability of the entire industry. With the recommendations from the potential analysis, we provide guidance for maritime stakeholders to successfully establish and expand their digital corporate presence.”

More information on the study can be found on the german pages of our website. The study itself, as well as a the german version of the management summary, can also be found here under publications.

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