Compass and map – German Maritime Centre launches two online tools

To strengthen the maritime sector, the German Maritime Centre has developed two new tools – the Maritime Map and the Maritime Funding Compass Europe. With both, we want to make the diversity of the maritime sector accessible to all, support its sustainable transformation and connect maritime stakeholders with each other and across sectors.
15 July 2021

The maritime sector in Germany plays a key role in its competitiveness as a business location. Its annual turnover is estimated to be up to 50 billion euros. The industry is very diverse and has a wide range of different players. These are not only located in the northern German coastal states. On the contrary: maritime Germany is happening throughout the entire federal territory.

“We developed the Maritime Map to show how colourful and diverse the industry is”, says Athanasios Tsitales, who oversaw the creation of the tool as project manager. The map offers an overview of and information about the sector and its stakeholders. “It can be browsed, filtered geographically and by type of institution, or searched with a specific actor in mind”, explains Tsitales. Brief descriptions and addresses are provided for the maritime stakeholders. You will find, among others, federal and state ministries and their subordinate authorities, associations, research and training institutions, as well as maritime associations and bodies. The data is constantly expanded and updated.

The second – the Maritime Funding Compass Europe – is a tool to make it easier for the maritime sector to find EU funding programmes relevant to them. “The compass provides application-focused information on current European funding opportunities for the sustainable transformation of the maritime sector,” says Christian Oeser, the project manager. “The users can access the data, which is continuously updated, via a click path or also by independently selecting the item in question.”

The EU funding landscape is diverse in terms of the scope, application, administration, eligibility criteria, and funding rates of the different programmes. The Maritime Funding Compass Europe lists each call for proposals relevant to the maritime sector with a short profile, links and contact points. Here, you will find the essential background information for each funding opportunity (e.g. brief description, link to the funding announcement, form of support, information on entitlement to funding).

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

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Head of Communications
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Background information: The German Maritime Centre has commissioned the development of the tools (databases) as part of a non-formal competition procedure in accordance with § 50 UVgO. The project was undertaken with funds from the Federal Transport Ministry’s supplementary funding for coping with the COVID-19 pandemic. The budget of the German Maritime Centre was increased by an additional 5 million euros for the funding period from 1 January 2021 to 31 December 2023. The funding allocation decision was amended to enhance “activities and projects in the four fields of action”. The German Maritime Centre is tasked with identifying “the consequences of the crisis for the sub-sectors of the maritime industry as well as incentive effects due to the promotion of technology and new business ideas” along with pointing to innovative pathways. These include the implementation of the European Commission’s “Green Deal”, the Federal Transport Ministry’s “New Mobility Approach” and EU instruments to stimulate the European economy following the coronavirus crisis.