Potential analysis on the relevance of digital communication

Is digital communication a factor influencing competitiveness among companies in the maritime sector in Germany? The German Maritime Centre has commissioned a study on this question.
6 June 2023
Hanna Maurer

Hanna Maurer

Social Media for the Maritime Industry

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E-Mail: Maurer[at]dmz-maritim.de

Are digital communication media – such as websites or social media – a “must-have” for ensuring competitive strength in the globally competing maritime industry? And if so, what measures should maritime companies who wish to digitalise their communication dedicate their (limited) resources to, depending on the industry segment?

EurA AG is conducting a potential analysis on behalf of the German Maritime Centre to assess the relevance of digital media (social media, websites etc.) for the competitiveness of maritime companies and to provide practical recommendations for action.

The potential analysis is intended to provide answers and offer decision-makers, especially from small, medium-sized and family-run maritime companies, a basis for using selected digital communication measures.

The work packages include:

  • Assessment of the possible uses and potential of digital communication channels and disciplines
  • Discussion of competitive pressure in the context of digital communication in the maritime industry and by sub-segment
  • Empirical study of the status quo of digital communication in the maritime industry in Germany
  • Concluding analysis and practical recommendations for action



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