Maritime research and development is taking place across Germany

German Maritime Centre analyses participation of the German maritime sector in funded EU projects.
16 August 2021

The German Maritime Centre has created a data analysis tool based on the European Commission’s CORDIS database and information on the publicly accessible webpages of the funded projects and actors, with about 700 data sets initially. It maps the participation of the German maritime sector in funded EU projects since 2014 and is to be supplemented in the future with information on other EU funding.

The quantitative analyses of the last funding period show that maritime research and development in Germany has received more than 150 million euros in non-repayable grants under the EU’s Horizon 2020 programme over the past seven years.

“This is a solid basis for maritime research and development that can be built on in the new EU budget 2021–2027”, says Christian Oeser, EU funding programmes officer at the German Maritime Centre. He and his colleague Adel Kanapina have established that under the now-expiring Horizon 2020 Framework Programme, around 200 actors from research, industry, science and the public sector were funded by the EU, with research institutes receiving the largest share of the funding volume at around 40%.  About half of the funding was awarded to actors from the five northern German states and a quarter to Bavaria and Baden-Württemberg. Funding was provided for projects on a wide variety of topics in the sector, such as innovative propulsion systems, alternative fuels, oceanography, optimisation of logistics processes and monitoring of maritime transport routes.

In future, the German Maritime Centre will not only carry out quantitative analyses but also produce qualitative assessments of the efficiency of EU funding and its interlinkages with national and regional funding programmes and publish them once or twice a year.

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